7” Eps:

Celtic Dance (POR) – Terror Romanorum 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)
Great Portuguese black metal. EP released in 2013 by Nekrogoat Heresy Productions. 

Cirith Gorgor (NL) / Kjeld (NL) – Unified in Ceremonial Worship 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)
Two of the best Dutch BM bands combined on one 7” EP, both bands provide one live track. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

Cryptic Wanderings (SP) / In The Shadows (SP) – Split 7” EP 5.- (Black Metal)
Two Spanish Black Metal bands united on one 7” EP. Released by Negra Nit Distro in 2015.

Evil (BRA) – Rites of Cleansing 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)
Latest EP from this cult extremist black metal band from Brazil. Totalitarian old-school black metal!

Funeral Winds (NL) – Sekhmet 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)

Latest 7” EP of one of the oldest and best Dutch Black Metal bands still active. Raw, fast and harsch black metal! A must have. Limited to 500 copies.

Dødsritual / Black Command – Split 7” EP €12.- (Black Metal)

Latest release on Lafawijn Records, two Luciferian occult black metal acts united on one EP. Black Command hailing from The Netherlands and Dødsritual from Norway. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies only. Released on crystal clear lathe cut vinyl.

Groinchurn (ZA) / Grimness 69 – split 7” EP €5.- (Grind-Core)
Two grind-core acts splitting on a 7”, a 2001 release limited to 800 copies.

Irrwisch (NL) – Fallwind 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)
Dutch Black Metal, released by Heidens Hart in 2014.

Lanz (NLD) / The Parents of Oude Pekela (NLD) – Excrement Terrorism on the Holy Trinity Part 2 7” EP €5.- (Noise / Black metal)
Two noise/Black metal acts on one 7” EP, if you like your Black metal raw and strange this is for you!

Musicophobia (NLD) / Galgeras (NLD) – Black Noise 7” EP €10.- (Black noise/Black Metal)
Dutch Black Noise versus Dutch Cult Black Metal! Lafawijn Records 2016 release. Lathe Cut limited to 50 copies only.

Nunslaughter (USA) – The Supreme Beast picture 7” EP 7.- (Death Metal)
The best US old school death metal there is! Absolute killer release on picture vinyl. A must have for REAL old school death metal fans.

Pagan Heritage (NL) / Unjoy (-) – Split 7” EP 5.- (Black Metal)
Raw Black metal at its best, limited to 200 copies.

Precambrian (UKR) – Aeon 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)
New side project of Drudkh members, absolute best EP from 2016 for me!

Ravengod (NOR) – Ravengod 7” EP 13.- (Black Metal)
Black metal band featuring members of Taake and Helheim. Recorded in 1996, newly remastered in 2017 with new artwork. Layout by Lafawijn. Limited to 70 hand-numbered copies. Last copies!

Ravengod (NOR) – Ravengod 7” EP 13.- (Black Metal)
Second EP of this Norse Black Metal band featuring members from Taake and Helheim. Recorded in 1996, newly remastered in 2017 with new artwork. Layout by Lafawijn. Limited to 70 hand-numbered copies. Last copies!

Seges Findere (BRA) – Weaponize to Humanicide 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)
Brazilian extremist black metal! Released in 2013 limited to 250 copies.

Terdor (NLD) – No Peace For Our Time! 7” EP €5.- (Black metal)
Dutch Black metal on deluxe gatefold 7” EP, limited to 525 hand-numbered copies.

Terdor (NLD) / Gheestenland (NLD) – Split 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)
Two Dutch Black Metal bands united on one 7” EP. Both bands present their latest output. An exclusive song from both bands. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

Triumph, Genus (CZ) - Jiné Se Dnes Má Mými Světy Rozléhat 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)
Black metal from Czech Republic. Released by Heidens Hart in 2015, limited to 300 copies.

Tumour (NLD) / Proctalgia (PHI) – Split 7” EP €5.- (Gore-Grind)
Dutch legendary gore-grind band splits with Philiphines super low pitches gore grind band. Also contains a misprint 7” EP, so you get two EP’s for the price of one.

Zarach’Baal’Tharagh' – Demo 31 7” EP €5.- (Black Noise)
Demo 31 on 7” EP of the only true masters of black noise.


Der Sturmer (GRE) – A Banner Greater than Death LP 25.- (Black Metal)
Cult album. 2017 re-release on black vinyl. Limited to 200 copies.

Goatpenis (BRA) – Apocalypse War LP 13.- (Black Metal)
Brazilian extremist black metal. Single sided LP.

Khors (UKR) - The Flame Of Eternity's Decline LP 12.- (Black metal)
Debut album of this great Ukrainian Black Metal band.

Infernum (POL) – Damned Majesty LP 15.- (Black metal)
First demo of this absolute cult Polish Black Metal act on 12” LP. A must have for Polish Black Metal fans.

Infinity (NLD) – Non de Hac Terra LP €12.- (Black metal)
Great Dutch Black metal on LP, released by New Era Productions. Excellent artwork!

Pantheon (USA) – Vargrstrike LP 12.- (Black metal)
The best album of the US extremist black metal band. A must have!

Terdor (NLD) – Levi II LP €12.- (Black metal)
Third album of the Dutch Black metal band Terdor, on vinyl. Limited to 474 copies.

The Meads of Asphodel (UK) – The Murder of Jesus the Jew 2-LP €12.- (Black metal)
Red vinyl version of this avant-garde black metal outfit from the UK.